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The Best Way to Get Clients for Your Staffing Agency

Everyone knows that the workforce industry is highly competitive.

It’s becoming clearer that numerous organizations are having to cut their budgets for hiring and cost consolidation. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to gain more customers as a hiring agency.

Not only do you have to establish an advantage that is distinct to be relevant in a competitive market, but you also need to implement an efficient selection process for candidates, build relationships, and increase referrals to ensure that your company will be viable.

How do you get customers for the staffing company you run?

We have put together our best seven suggestions.

1. Be an expert in your niche

One of the most beneficial choices your staffing agency will make is to become an authority in the chosen area.

If you’re knowledgeable about your industry and the issues your prospective clients face it is easier to address the issues they face when hiring. Find out what they’re looking for and the ways you can assist them.

This can be done by focusing on the characteristics of your ideal client is like:

  • What are their specialties?
  • What is the size of their business?
  • What amount of revenue can they generate?
  • Where are they?

If you’re able to focus on a specific area to become an authority in the particular area, it could help you in your recruitment efforts. If you know what companies want in candidates, and you’ll be aware of where to look for the best candidates and how to examine the candidates.

2. Be sure to go through a thorough selection procedure

If you’re knowledgeable about your area of expertise, you can create a successful source and selection procedure that will help you identify the best candidates for your customers.

The right selection of hiring choices is about finding candidates who are a good match for the job and culture. This is essentially having the knowledge and skills required to perform well at work and in the workplace.

Your process for selecting employees must be of the highest quality to attract new clients for your agency, since it could be the most important factor that differentiates your company.

The candidate’s score is transformed into a percentage which you can then use to determine how well they’d fit into the position.

What does this mean? You can be confident that you’re hiring a top person for the job every time.

3. Transform your business operations digitally

Finding the most suitable candidates for your customers has made a huge leap from classified ads in newspapers.

In today’s highly-tech and online world, it’s vital to remain in the game. To do that, you need to digitally transform your operations–something that 86% of staffing business leaders believe is necessary to remain competitive.

Today, the digital transformation of your business processes means you need to consider every element of hiring as well as customer journey must be examined. You must go beyond than simply investing in new software for your staffing agency. To succeed all aspects of your operation must modify processes to take advantage of the latest technologies.

From pre-employment screening through video interviews to automated client nurturing and engagement, digitising your business processes is never more crucial than now, in the COVID-19 epidemic.

4. Transparent communication

Your customers need to know exactly what they’re paying for.

Being transparent with your clients will not only help you to build trust with your customers but also helps you develop a long-lasting relationship them. However, there are additional benefits of transparent communication, such as being able to fully understand your client’s requirements and concerns, making this vital.

The more you are aware of the customer and the open The more information you have, the easier it’ll be to find the best person for the position.

A strong and effective communication strategy will also assist you in explaining your procedures to your clients. It is crucial to outline clearly the method you use to find candidates, how you anticipate it will take, and what the cost will be. In these initial conversations with clients that you can check that your expectations for new hires align with the reality. Inform them of what’s possible within their budget, and the types of candidates that are available to fill the position they’re trying to fill.

Being transparent in your communication is also a great opportunity to explain to your customer what makes your agency distinguish itself from other staffing agencies.

When you’re an authority in your field and have invested in an online transformation that improves the high-quality candidates you choose to the client, this is the right time to showcase the benefits.

5. Create your online presence

Make sure you are strategic in your marketing campaigns.

Consider, which are your customers? Are they using LinkedIn? Are you looking for a staffing agent on Google? Are you browsing on Facebook?

It’s essential to be where your customers are.Now you must get more than noticed. It is crucial that the content you publish online and advertisements you make are able to show prospective customers the reasons why they should choose your company instead of with an opponent.

It is important to emphasize the specific reasons why your company is distinct from other staffing agencies.

6. Find out about your competition

To be able to out-think and outsell your competition, you have be aware of what they’re promoting and what their messages are.

Explore their advertising and operations to understand how they source candidates as well as where they announce open positions and how they choose applicants. Once you have a good understanding of their game then explore the their clients are (on the section for clients on their site) and begin to develop an action plan for what you can do to approach similar clients.

This is what we refer to as research on competitors.

It not only gives you an understanding of the competition your organization is against, it will also allow you to learn the best practices of top competitors and apply winning strategies into your own hiring procedures.

The best part is that, if you do the necessary research, you’ll can use the information to contact the companies of your competitors. The good aspect of staffing companies is it’s not common for customers to have exclusive contracts with one particular agency. It’s actually common for firms to sign agreements with several agencies because they increase their pool of potential employees and improves their chances in filling job openings.

Do not be afraid to contact clients who are already on your competitors’ books. Most likely, they’re searching for an alternative agency to broaden their reach to candidates.

7. Develop client-client relationships

You don’t just want to attract new customers but must also retain your existing customers.

The primary goal of any agency that provides staffing should be to maintain relationships with clients by regular communication, and to work towards making yourself appear as a trusted partner instead of as an intermediary.

Establishing these relationships should start from the moment new clients enter your funnel. The first step is to define expectations for the customer particularly if they’ve never been with a staffing company previously. Let them feel at ease and provide them with the most information you can and be transparent and forthcoming about any concerns they might have.

The beginning stages of a customer relationship are important as they establish the tone for the years and months ahead, if the client chooses to stay.

If your organization can take this process right, you could elevate your client relationship as a trustworthy advisor instead of merely a vendor, and effectively differentiate yourself from your competitors.

The building of these relationships has an additional benefit: it opens the way for your clients to recommend you to other clients in the same field.

8. Find Recommendations

As I’ve mentioned before, maintaining your client relationships will help you get new customers through referrals.

A reputation as a trusted advisor not just a vendor will improve your reputation with your clients and increase their likelihood to recommend you to colleagues and other businesses within their field. The recommendations from word of mouth are worth the price of gold as they’re an effective method for your business to increase its visibility and attract qualified candidates into your customer base.

The point is that if clients are satisfied, it’s much easier to request an introduction.

The wrapping up

Attracting new clients to your agency’s staffing needs will not happen overnight.

It requires planning and investing in your relationship with clients and implementing more efficient digital processes to ensure you are able to meet 21st century hiring demands. In addition it is a matter of whether your company will take the effort to position its expertise by being an industry expert a particular field and establish an environment of transparency and encourage word of mouth referrals, you will be different from the rest and gain more clients in your book.

Do not forget that for your agency to succeed you must be active in your efforts to gain more clients.