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What Staffing Agencies Need To Know About Candidate Assessments

General assessment of candidates for hiring agencies

Tip 1 Make your tips short and short

Don’t delay the process of assessing candidates or create tests that will not aid you in making better hiring choices.

Since your job may possibly not be the sole job the candidate is seeking, you need to ensure that you are considerate of the time they have. Be sure to make every assessment that you use in the hiring process as quick and as engaging as you can to keep your candidate entertained but to reduce the time required to review the results of each assessment.

Tip 2: Ensure mobile-friendliness

58 percent of Glassdoor users today are searching for jobs using cellphones. But, job seekers who are mobile have also succeeded in completing 53% less applications.

If you’re looking to attract top candidates your hiring process, it must be mobile-friendly as well.

The easiest method to test this would be to review your organization’s application and assessment procedure by yourself. Ask yourself questions such as:

  • Do the assessments load fast?
  • Are they able to fit on the screen? Are they simple to finish on mobile devices?
  • Are the tests accessible on all mobile devices and not just a few?

Remember that this aspect of hiring is an expression of your business. If your tests take an extended time to load, or aren’t compatible with the applicant’s device, this could lead the candidate to choose another agency to fill the position. In the event of this issue, it could impact the decision of whether or not to pursue their application for any reason.

Tip 3 Use assessment tools to integrate together with your ATS.

Technology can make hiring easier, not more difficult. This is why recruiters must ensure that the tool they use to assess candidates they purchase is compatible to their existing ATS.

There’s good news that the majority of these tools are now able to integrate with existing ATS to help make hiring more efficient and efficient.

Tip 4: Collect feedback

In order to improve the effectiveness of your recruitment process you must build a feedback loop for your customers.

How satisfied are they with the candidates you’re introducing to them? What are the differences between customer and/or for the job? If you collect this feedback, you will continue to improve the assessment of your candidates as well as your selection procedure.

But, it’s equally crucial to get feedback from candidates. Even if you do not end up hiring them It’s important to contact them and inquire about what the experiences were like for them.

Now, it’s time to turn

Assessments of high-quality candidates can help you stand out from the industry and enable you to pick the most suitable candidates that match the needs of your clients.

Be sure to select the correct tests for each job. It doesn’t matter if you’re testing general aptitude or transferable abilities, or the specific skills required for the job